Monday, June 18, 2012

Our Core Health Care Problems Are Health Care Costs And Value: Not Health Insurance Costs And Universal Coverage: The Underlying Premise And Goals Of ObamaCare Are Wrong And Do Not Fix US Health Care

From The Wall Street Journal, "Why I No Longer Support the Health Insurance Mandate: Should ObamaCare be overturned by the Supreme Court, insurers have solutions ready to go." by Ron Williams, a former chairman and CEO of Aetna:
But no matter how the Supreme Court rules, we still need bipartisan solutions that work for all Americans. One benefit of the past two years has been the vigorous public policy discussion that we should have had prior to passing the legislation—and a recognition that the core problems are health-care cost and value. Simply put, we must create more value for consumers by improving the quality and long-term affordability of health care.

The private sector is hard at work creating new ways to deliver health care. Health plans are collaborating with hospital systems to develop innovative accountable care organizations that provide physicians with incentives to cooperate and enhance patient outcomes. Hospitals are encouraging physicians to improve the accuracy and quality of patient data, enhancing clinical decision-making to improve the quality of care.
ObamaCare is a complicated, uneconomic super-structure placed on top of the existing inefficient non-market based priced health care delivery system. The existing problems of our current health care system are not fixed by the new health care law and in many ways, such as by increasing demand for medical services through universal coverage without providing a method or an incentive to increase the supply of medical providers, has made the US health care problem worse.

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