Monday, October 17, 2011

Shale Gas And Oil Powering Domestic Industry Growth

From The Wall Street Journal, "Shale Boom Reshaping U.S. Energy" by Russell Gold and Ryan Dezember:
Other industries and government officials are rethinking the implications of this sudden abundance of gas and increasing supply of oil [from shale rock]. In the early 2000s, the chemical industry was mothballing U.S. plants and shifting overseas where gas was cheaper. Today, Dow Chemical Co. and others are building new world-scale facilities along the Gulf Coast because of the inexpensive energy available. In the Rust Belt, steel makers are building new mills to meet the demand for pipes needed to tap shale discoveries.
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  1. The developments in shale gas will engender the wider availability of low cost, domestic
    energy. Because US petrochemicals predominantly use ethane and other natural gas liquids,
    the competitiveness of the industry is heavily dependent upon the price of these liquids and US
    natural gas, as well as the price of competitive feedstocks.