Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nobel Economist Elinor Ostrom On How To Solve Climate Change Now: Why We Do Not Need To Wait For Collective International Government Action

I am a big fan of Elinor Ostrom. She does field work and builds her models and ideas based on factual evidence. For a while, I have been thinking about writing a post about using her ideas about governing the commons and applying them to climate change and I am extremely happy she gave a talk on the subject.

Basically, not all the world's problems about externalities need government involvement for solutions. She favors poly-centric approaches and has written about many real world examples of people and communities solving their own externalities and tragedy of the commons problems.

Read "Nobel Laureate on Combating Climate Change: We Don't Need to Wait for that Elusive Top-Down Solution" and download her podcast of her half-hour speech on the topic of solving the climate change problem here, or listen to it on the following embedded player.

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