Saturday, August 14, 2010

Only $66 Billion, 29 Percent, Of $230 Billion Infrastructure Stimulus Funds Paid Out So Far

From The Wall Street Journal article, "Slow Progress on Some Big Stimulus Projects" by Louise Radnofsky:
A year and a half after Congress passed the economic-stimulus plan, the state aid and tax cuts in the package have nearly ended, but some of the big infrastructure projects touted by the Obama administration are still months from visible development.
...the package offered $230 billion to fund an array of projects ranging from road repaving to modernizing the electricity grid to launching new high-speed rail services. Administration officials said when pushing for the program that the money would be targeted at projects that could create jobs quickly.

So far, $182 billion of the infrastructure money has been awarded, though the government has paid out only $66 billion of the total.
Read the complete article here.

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