Monday, December 21, 2009

What Happens If The President's Approval Ratings Continue To Decline With Passed Health Care Reform?

The late Sunday night/early Monday morning (after 1 AM) 60-40 procedural vote in the US Senate to prevent filibuster of the Reid amendment (the one with all the deals he made to prevent filibuster and get 60 yes Senate votes for health care reform) almost guarantees the Senate will pass a health care reform bill later this week.

What happens if the polls show a continuing decline in the Democrat party's, President Obama's and Congress' approval ratings? If a bump in approval ratings for the Democrats and the President does not occur upon Senate passage of health care reform, will the members of Congress panic and allow the health care bill to disappear in the Congressional reconciliation process (conference committee) to unify the House and Senate versions of health care reform?

What happens if upon returning to their home states during the Congressional winter recess, voters express a greater disapproval of health care reform than they did before the vote instead of a thank you?

Keep an eye on voter polls to see how the public reacts to the passage of the health reform bill in the Senate. If approval ratings and Democratic reelection prospects continue to decline, will there be Congressional attempts to prevent health care reform from happening? Or is health care reform inevitable and unstoppable at this point no matter what affect it has on approval ratings or reelection prospects?

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